ECEC was founded in 2016 upon a conviction that developers of large, complex buildings would, increasingly, 'get serious' about energy management solutions.


Before setting up ECEC in 2016, our directors had a record of exceptional success in leading project design and management with other companies.

The MEP projects which the Directors led included several of rebut, such as Burj Al Salam, together with dozens of less prominent, but technically no less challenging projects.

These include the upgrading of a great many hotels brought into the Fairmont and Starwood Hotels Group, several retail projects and a number of buildings which came to be regarded as models of sustainability, such as the IMPZ Residential in Dubai.

ECEC’s founding director beliefs that low energy design would become increasingly essential, that they had the design expertise to fulfil that need, and that they could devise a corporate structure which could maintain design expertise at its core, even whilst growing significantly year – on – year.

Those beliefs have proved well-founded and continue to reinforce ECEC today.

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