ECEC management and employees are confident in consistent quality level that will meet and exceed client’s expectations in our business field.

The nature and character of our business strategy is that we will provide superior customer quality and service in all operations as the means of achieving our financial objectives. The scope of our operations will give a comprehensive service to our customers according to their particular needs. Those needs may comprise all or part of the chain of individual service elements extending through conception, feasibility, design, and construction.

Our marketing strategy will place each of our business units in strong long term positions. We will attract and be attracted to clients with similar goals and philosophies and develop strategic alliances with them. We are technology-based and supported by training, recruitment and information systems. We have the skills and knowledge to control all elements of the project life-cycle from conception to maintenance. Knowledge of the business of our customers and strong personal relationships fit our project services to individual needs.

Our organization will be responsive to change and make strong use of:

  •  Self-managing teams as the basic building block
  •  Efficient and focused teams
  •  Research and development of new products, services and new opportunities
  •  Appropriate and user friendly organizational structures, systems, and new opportunities
  •  Human Resources Development and Environmental Sustainability

Our Clients